There are so many captivating sites and attractions in the Drumheller Valley, and they will leave you awe-struck. Drumheller is proud of its history, natural attractions, arts & culture, recreation and museums.

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The Dinosaur Capital of the World

Drumheller is proud to be the dinosaur capital of the world and provide plenty of spectacle where these extinct creatures are concerned. We have education and entertainment bundled up together when you visit one of our dinosaur-related attractions.


You and nature

Become one with the wilderness as you explore all the natural attractions that Drumheller has to offer. Whether you are sightseeing while driving, hiking, or doing both, there is a little something out here for everyone! Prepare to venture into a new part of nature.


A Little Memento

Fancy getting a little memento to remember your Drumheller trip by? There are a variety of businesses in Drumheller that specialise in making sure it happens. Why not browse some of the specialty stores in Drumheller to find exactly what you are looking for.


History lives here

Drumheller boasts a wealth of museums and historic sites where you can relive history. As the Dinosaur Capital of the World, we like to live up to our reputation with rich abundance of dinosaur fossils and home of the world-renowned Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology.

Although we are known for dinosaurs, we have much more to offer as our Museums and Historic Sites listing will prove.

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